Vaincourt is a Parisian house of fine leather goods created in 2012 and taken over in 2020 by a young team of passionate entrepreneurs.

Our creations are authentic, timeless, light, sensory, balanced and are the result of a passion, an exceptional know-how that drives craftsmanship.

Everything we do is committed to unlight woman and the men behind every object we create. The passion behind the know-how. The hand behind the tool.

As a brand, we have an extraordinary chance: being able to redesign the world of tomorrow.

Because there are no small actors or small actions:

• We are disengaging from seasonal trends to offer you regular drops
• We will work exclusively with small craft workshops to support the craftsmanship
• We will only carry out small series to limit our waste
• We are committed to investing part of our resources in the search for eco-responsible alternatives
• We will not use exotic leathers for the creation of our products

Ceinture arbre