Parisian Cowboy : the Spring/Summer 2023 collection

Get your hats and boots ready, the Parisian Cowboy Spring/Summer 2023 collection by Vaincourt is launched!
Like a cowboy in the city: equestrian cuts, embroidery, creative buckles, fringes, warm colours... in all subtlety.

Inspired by the American West, our new summer collection takes its influence from the warm and rocky atmosphere of the Cowboy era, with the elegant and contemporary Parisian style of Vaincourt. As a matter of course, this collection pays homage to the unbreakable link that has always existed between leather goods and equestrian accessories.

All the belts in the Parisian Cowboy collection are made in France in a workshop certified as a "Living Heritage Company" by passionate craftsmen with a rare know-how. The durable and creative brass buckles come from a French manufacturer historically specialised in saddlery accessories. The leathers, from the best French, Belgian or Spanish tanneries, are certified by the Leather Working Process, the assurance of a more water and energy efficient production.