About us


Our leathers are sourced from local, premium tanneries in France, Italy and Spain.

The leathers of our linings are created using vegetable tanning methods, to enhance naturality, durability and comfort.

Depending on the model, the sensuality of each belt is expressed through a more supple or structured touch.

We have chosen to produce our buckles in Parisian or Italian traditional workshops. The majority of them are made of brass, whose surface may be left uncoated in order to develop a natural patina, or lightly coated to create a more homogeneous shine.


Vaincourt was born in 2011 from the imagination of a daring and demanding female fashion entrepreneur, who partnered with a talented leather goods craftsman and "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company*),” based in the French Limousin region.

*a mark of recognition of the French State, put in place to reward French firms for the excellence of their traditional and industrial know-how.


Today, Vaincourt is managed by a Parisian team, driven by beauty, noble materials and Made in France craftmanship. 


Going beyond fashion trends, Vaincourt’s style merges contemporary essentials with assertive creativity.

notre histoire


The ultimate touch of sophistication, this line highlights the stitching all along the belt. Experience is key to draw it parallel to the edges.


The edges of the belt are polished with a rounded shape to leave them as smooth as possible. A sophisticated finish, edge dying is a delicate, manual operation: once the first layer is applied, it has to dry and be polished. Then, up to four layers of colour are applied to ensure durability and a perfect finish.

Extensive time and accuracy are key to avoid any drips.


All of our leathers are cut by hand for the preparation phase.

Know-how The eye and the hand



Our belts are made in France in human size workshops located in French region Limousin and Normandie. Our craftmen are driven by passion and highly qualified as our production follows tradition and demanding criteria. Here some examples of often delicate phases of the creation of a belt.


We use saddle stitching, (double-faced biased stitching). Even with a machine, this requires experience and craftmanship to create a straight stitching line, equidistant from the edge.

Selection of the skins

We only work with the finest leathers (category 1) for every skin type. Our hides have a history: leather is a natural material; as such, some may show wrinkles or a light variation in grain or pigmentation.

Shaping belts

Most of our women’s belts are cut with a curve for greater comfort.



ceinture femme création luxe vaincourt

Embellir le quotidien… Et respecter notre environnement.

Nous avons à cœur de rendre compatible le plaisir de porter une belle ceinture made in France avec le respect de notre nature.


Our craftsmanship is the fruit of a long and handsome tradition which unites passionate teams.

We support creative craftmanship by partnering with French, « human-sized » workshops, which inherited a know-how transmitted from one generation to the next.  


A significant part of the air pollution is attributed to transportation. We supply our material in France or in European neighboring countries. Our leather hides are French, Belgian, Spanish and Italian. Our buckles are Parisian or Italian, our threads, German.

Even our packagings, mostly made of cotton or paper, are made in France or in Italy.

Since Vaincourt foundation, we make our belts exclusively in France.

Our Commitments Vaincourt

Embellish everyday life… and respect our environment.
We are passionate about combining the pleasure of wearing a beautiful, made in France belt with the utmost respect for nature.


- Our leather scraps are offered to schools or recycled in other production circuits.

- We only use skins of animal raised for nutritional purposes...and innovate to up-cycle material which are usually considered as rubbish: Vaincourt launched in 2021 the first belts made of marine salmon leather.

- Our leathers have obtained LWG golden medals (highest level of certification by the Leather Working Group, auditing transparency, traceability and environmental impact of leather tanning ).

We favour short series and production on order to limit over-stock.


Respecting the environment goes together with the durability and the quality of our collections.  Vaincourt, belts to be kept: our collections are timeless and of superior quality. Our belt linings are made of Belgian calf skin, fully vegetable tanned and  demonstrate a tested and recognised resistance.