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The eye and the handKnow-how



Our belts are made in France in human size workshops located in French region Limousin and Normandie. Our craftmen are driven by passion and highly qualified as our production follows tradition and demanding criteria. Here some examples of often delicate phases of the creation of a belt.

Selection of the skins

We only work with the finest leathers (category 1) for every skin type. Our hides have a history: leather is a natural material; as such, some may show wrinkles or a light variation in grain or pigmentation.


All of our leathers are cut by hand for the preparation phase.

Shaping belts

Most of our women’s belts are cut with a curve for greater comfort.




We use saddle stitching, (double-faced biased stitching). Even with a machine, this requires experience and craftmanship to create a straight stitching line, equidistant from the edge.


The edges of the belt are polished with a rounded shape to leave them as smooth as possible. A sophisticated finish, edge dying is a delicate, manual operation: once the first layer is applied, it has to dry and be polished. Then, up to four layers of colour are applied to ensure durability and a perfect finish.

Extensive time and accuracy are key to avoid any drips.


The ultimate touch of sophistication, this line highlights the stitching all along the belt. Experience is key to draw it parallel to the edges.